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Biomed is the largest private medical diagnostic laboratory testing in Cambodia, providing diagnostic laboratory services, and clinical tests for medical communities in Cambodia. The Biomed offers a portfolio of more than 460 clinical analysis in the areas of immunology, hematology/coagulation, clinical chemistry, parasitology, microbiology/infectious diseases, toxicology, flowcytometry, molecular biology, cytogenetics and DNA analysis.

In the clinical analysis segment, samples are collected from all areas in Cambodia and analyzed in 5 branches of Biomed.

The Biomed medical analysis laboratory was founded in 1st June, 1996 as a single laboratory by group of laboratories professional. With a renewed thrust towards expansion almost 20 years, today Biomed is the largest, most respected private chain of medical laboratories in Cambodia.

In our almost 20 years of experience and leadership in the field of medical testing, we have acquired much knowledge of your needs and expectations, which is why we are constantly upgrading on all fronts. Biomed becoming the leader standard of medical diagnostic laboratory in Cambodia and this means to you is that the accuracy of your laboratory results is trusted; you would get the same results at our labs as you would at any leading laboratories around the world.
We now have the biggest network in Cambodia with 5 branches nationwide (Phnom Penh and Battambang, Siem Reap, Kampot and Sihanouk provinces) and we take great care in selecting the finest individuals to work at Biomed, both on the administrative and technical levels, currently employing over 40 staff members.

  • Biomed provide to our patients with a comprehensive menu of routine and specialized tests.
  • Biomed is a complete service laboratories providing-edge technology with a local focus.

Biomed is a leader in Molecular Diagnosis in Cambodia. Only Biomed that can test PCR (eg. HBV, HCV, HIV…) and the results at same day with reasonable price. More over Biomed can test DNA for paternity identification.

There is a wide variety of medical laboratory professionals inside the Biomed and branches who affect samples testing on a daily basis. Many of them had been trained in local and overseas such as Japan, USA, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam etc.

They include medical technologists, medical laboratory scientists, phlebotomists, laboratory managers and quality managers. Among the units that make up the medical laboratory are chemistry, virology, immunology, parasitology, hematology, molecular biology, cytogenetics pathology, microbiology, and flowcytometry and DNA lab. All those dedicated professionals of our laboratory team with one goal in mind—quality patient care.

As integrated members of the clinical care team, pathologists diagnose diseases and determine test results. In turn, these test results drive a significant portion of clinical decisions from diagnosis to therapy, and pathologists and their medical laboratory professionals often serve as a resource to fellow clinical colleagues and patients.

We are the only medical laboratory in Cambodia to use the ‘Work Cell’ automation technology, the latest in medical laboratory technology, thereby eliminating human errors. We have fine tuned our sample taking and results delivery processes, so that we can now take your samples and deliver your test results from and to any location convenient for you and also provide you with your test results, free of charge by email and in the near future on our website.

All your results we stored it in our data base, so you can find your previous results any time in case you lose your previous results.

These are but a few of our achievements over the years and we are constantly striving to exceed your expectations and to deliver on our promises because we really do care from the heart.


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