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Raffles Montessori International School of Phnom Penh


Address: No.18, St. 294 Corner of 57, Boeung Keng Kang I, Khan Chamkamon, Phnom Penh

Telephone: 023 993 999 / 015 616 128 / 011 959 779






We contribute to the development of education sector in Cambodia.

In view of the rapid development of the Cambodian economy and society, RMISPP was set up under a cooperation arrangement with Raffles Montessori, Singapore, to bring a distinctive and effective education system to the younger generation of our people who are poised to be leaders of tomorrow…

Raffles Montessori, Singapore provides us with an operating license as well as helping design the school and classroom setting, curriculum, and teacher training, to ensure that the quality of education provided by RMISPP is equivalent to that provided by Raffles Montessori in Singapore.

Our Mission

The mission of RMISPP is to enable its students to develop strategies for the acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and values they will need to participate meaningfully in our globally integrated society. This will be accomplished through a distinctive Montessori approach embodying individualized guidance and support, mixed age grouping, a well trained Montessori teacher, an international curriculum, a well prepared classroom environment, and a complete set of specialized Montessori educational materials that are approved by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).
Our Aims

RMISPP was formed with not only the aim of establishing a high quality Montessori school, but also disseminating information about the Montessori philosophy and educational approach in Cambodia.

RMISPP is licensed and managed by Raffles Montessori, Singapore which follows the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952). Its aim is to assist in the total development of the child’s social, emotional, intellectual, physical, cultural, and spiritual self. This will allow the child to be better prepared for life, and able to adjust to the changing conditions of the surrounding environment. The Montessori approach to education is child-centered and is based on mutual respect and co-operation.

Montessori education offers children the opportunity to realise their potential and seeks to promote:

  •     Self-confidence and self esteem
  •     A sense of achievement and self worth
  •     A sense of responsibility for themselves and their actions
  •     Independence
  •     A sense of security
  •     Tolerance
  •     Co-operation with others and a sense of community
  •     Respect for the rights and needs of others
  •     Concentration and persistence in completing a task
  •     Initiative and self motivation
  •     Good work habits
  •     A joy of work and love of learning
  •     Creative intelligence and imagination
  •     Ability to discriminate and judge

Our Campus

  •     Our Campus is specially designed to create a prepared and safe environment for children
  •     Safe and secured children drop-in and pickup area with double-layer gate
  •     Good environment with trees and gardening
  •     Large outdoor open playground
  •     CCTV cameras installed in all strategic locations.

Our Classroom and Facilities:

  • Our classroom setting and use of space is in accordance with the international Montessori standard, with special consideration given to safety, hygiene, fire/emergency exits, lighting, and ventilation.
  • CCTV cameras in every classroom
  • Fully air-conditioned learning environment with high quality facilities
  • Carefully selected classroom flooring with anti-bacterial materials for our student’s health and protection
  • Children’s library, child reception area, indoor play area, lunch area, wash room, and complete sets of specifically designed, high quality, child-sized furniture and fittings
  • Complete transportation facilities

Our Directresses (Teachers)

All of our Montessori teachers are specifically trained in the Montessori method by qualified and internationally recognized professionals who are members of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), the Montessori Center International (MCI), or the American Montessori Society (AMS).


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