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Triple F - Fresh From Farm Farmers Association


Address: National Road No 6, Phsar Samaki, Banteay Chas Village, Sangkat Slor Kram, Siem Reap

Telephone: 012 843 433





The Fresh From Farm Farmers Association was founded in 2004 and 100% owned by Mr. Sim Rasy, who remains its chief operating officer.   In April of 2010 the company revised its ownership form to become an Association.  Mr. Sim is a native of Cambodia who has operated businesses in the country for nearly two decades, after operating restaurant and men’s ready-to-wear clothing businesses in France, where he earned his degree in business management.   His goals for his agro-business are to:

1) Operate an organic farm growing leafy and root vegetables, and fruits, in a bio-intensive manner.

2) Be a wholesaler and distributor of local meats, fish and poultry, and organic fruits and vegetables, to hotels and restaurants in Siem Reap Province and supermarkets across Cambodia.

3) Promote local products and help improve the lives of local farmers.

4) Reduce Cambodia’s 80%-90% reliance on non-organic chemical-laden imports of fruits and vegetables from countries like Vietnam and Thailand and to foster social and environmental progress in Cambodia.

nbsp;Triple F (Fresh From Farm) currently operates:

1) An organic farm a few miles outside Angkor City (Siem Reap) that employs 17 people and provides a direct daily supply of organic vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes.  Produce is also supplied on a regular basis by local farmers in the province.

2) A modern food processing warehouse in Angkor City (Siem Reap), including state-of-the-art refrigeration equipment, where meats and produce are cleaned, packaged, and prepared for delivery to hotels and restaurants in a refrigerated van that assures the utmost in freshness and hygiene. Fresh From Farm has expanded also into supplying food to Cambodia’s growing number of modern supermarkets, including the Lucky supermarkets.


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