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Vespa Adventures Siem Reap


Address: P64 Borey Prem Prey, 17253 Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia

Telephone: 012861610





Vespa Adventures Siem Reap is the original Vespa Motorbike tour experience provider in Siem Reap. Founded by Akim in 2013, Vespa Adventures Siem Reap have been delivering exhilarating unique experiences every day to people from all over the world since the birth of the Company.

Akim was born in Siem Reap province during the time Pol Pot was in power and life was tough and schools were not available. It is not the custom for a girl to be raised by monks, so it was decided to shave her head and pretend that she was a boy. Through this very unusual approach, she enjoyed the privilege to live in the Wat Angkor Kang Chuong (Angkor Wat Pagoda). Under the guidance of her Grandfather and other monks at Angkor, Akim learned to read and speak the sacred Pali language and recite the bamboo scroll scriptures, hold elaborate prayers and follow sacred rites. After around 5 years, gradually schools became available, but far away in town and therefore Akim had to cycle the many miles every day to get as much education as they could afford at the time.


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