Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry

Roomchang Dental & Aesthetic Hospital

 Roomchang, our goal is to provide our patients with brilliant, healthy teeth for life. For many patients, good oral care…

Restoration of Temples by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)

Restoration Of Temples By The Archaeological Survey Of India (asi)

Embassy of India

India – Cambodia relations are traceable to 2000 years. Historically, Indian influence in culture and religion was a dominant feature…

Sustainable River-Based Management Project

Sustainable River-based Management Project

Culture and Environment Preservation Association (CEPA)

In the era of globalization countries in the Mekong region has tried to catching up of economic development with the…

Safe Migration and Reduce Trafficking (SMART) Program

Safe Migration And Reduce Trafficking (smart) Program

CWCC - The Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center

CWCC’s SMART Program aims to reduce unsafe migration by conducting awareness-raising training on trafficking, safe migration, and domestic violence for…

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The Bar Association of Kingdom of Cambodia

នាយកដ្ឋានការពារក្តីជូនជនក្រីក្រ ត្រូវដឹកនាំដោយប្រធានមួយរូប និងអនុប្រធានមួយចំនួនជាជំនួយការ ។​ នាយដ្ឋានការពារក្តីជូនជន​ក្រី​ក្រ មានតួនាទី និងភារកិច្ចដូចខាងក្រោម ៖ ទទួលបន្ទុករៀបចំផែនការ ការគ្រប់គ្រងសំណុំរឿងក្តីការពារ​ជនក្រីក្រ តាមការស្នើសុំរបស់តុលាការនានា ឬ​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ​ រៀបចំយុទ្ធសាស្រ្តក្នុងការការពារសិទ្ថិមនុស្ស សិទ្ធិកុមារ សិទ្ធិស្រ្តី និងសិទ្ធិផ្សេងៗទៀត​​តាមច្បាប់កំណត់​ ផ្តល់ការពិគ្រោះច្បាប់ដោយមិនគិតកម្រៃជូនជនក្រីក្រ សហការជាមួយនាយកដ្ឋានគណនេយ្យហិរញ្ញវត្ថុ ដើម្បីរៀបចំគម្រោងស្នើសុំថវិកាពីដៃគូអភិវឌ្ឍន៍ជាតិ និងអន្តរជាតិ…

Village Works

Village Works

Artisans’ Association of Cambodia (AAC)

Decentralized Wastewater Treatmen ( DEWATS )

Decentralized Wastewater Treatmen ( Dewats )

Bremen Overseas Research & Development Association ( BORDA )

DEWATS stands for “Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems”. DEWATS represents a technical approach rather than merely a technology package. DEWATS applications…

Livelihood/Income Generation Project

Livelihood/income Generation Project

ARV Users Association (AUA)

The purpose of this project is to improve the living conditions of AUA members and their impact groups (immediate and…

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Turnover Tax

General Department of Taxation, Ministry of Economy and Finance

Turnover tax is paid in the rate of 2% of the monthly turnover every month and implemented on tax payers,…

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Specific Tax On Certain Merchandises And Services

General Department of Taxation, Ministry of Economy and Finance

The Specific Tax on Certain Merchandise and Services is imposed on a number of local and imported products, and services.…

Sustainable Fuelwood

Sustainable Fuelwood

Group for the Environnement, Renouvelable Energy & Solidarity ( GERES )

Designing a sustainable biomass supply-chain Over 80% of households use biomass fuel for their daily cooking. Given the high demand,…

Rice 100kg bag for meals

Rice 100kg Bag For Meals

Awareness Cambodia Inc.

Capacity Building for Poor Students

Capacity Building For Poor Students

Islamic Local Development Organization ( ILDO )

Goal: Enable the poor students to use English language to receive knowledge through reading English books, learn lessons presented in…

Decentralized Water Supply ( DEWAS )

Decentralized Water Supply ( Dewas )

Bremen Overseas Research & Development Association ( BORDA )

Where conventional water supply systems fail Local and state governments have continuously failed in their efforts to supply water to…

Decentralized Energy Supply ( DEES )

Decentralized Energy Supply ( Dees )

Bremen Overseas Research & Development Association ( BORDA )

Access to electricity constitutes the basis for a minimum standard of living. It is fundamental to social and economic development…

Work Place Health Program

Work Place Health Program

Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia (RHAC)

health information and life skills. Each year 46,000 of them received discounted or free services from RHAC Clinics The growth…

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Registration Of Malaysians (online)

Embassy of Malaysia

Malaysian nationals residing in Cambodia are required to register as soon as possible with the Embassy of Malaysia in Phnom…

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Intellectual Property Law

Justice & Associate Law Firm

Copy rights and related rights registration; Trade mark and trade name registration; Patent registration; Gaining IP right protection…etc.

Construction and Real Estate - A Sectorial Committee of EuroCham Cambodia

Construction And Real Estate - A Sectorial Committee Of Eurocham Cambodia

European Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia

Mandate The Construction and Real Estate Committee is open to all companies and individuals that provide construction or real estate…



Rajana Association

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